I, The Magnanimous and Resplendent Dr. Thelonious D. Rum do fully intend to bear and cavort along the Oregon Trail out to the Land of Dust and Honey: Black Rock City, NV.  Held hostage by my own Medicinal Thumpthump Magical Curing Excursion, I shall labor transporting new drums in need of a home. Trailing close behind my drum-sized flea circus shall be my Team of Carny Charactered freaks and geeks, wholly and completely committed to animating the following vision:

Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves, each with his or her peerless pedigree, shall collude to captivate and inspire the naïve. Lured by the dark emotional caress of their own inner wisdom, not to mention the rhythm-making bait, (drums!) lying just beyond reach, players vie for a chance to build their own drum by playing 5 not-so-traditional Carnival games. We trawl the crowds, luring and enticing Burners with games of chance. This then shall determine who will be the lucky ones to express their creativity with skin, wood and rope. We shall gift ALL candidates with carny totems and icons, but only the courageous will stay and build a drum, those perennial souls who hurl themselves into the unknown of their personal darkness and light AND who aren’t too bad at tossing a ring.

NOTE: The Dr. Thelonious Sojourn is simply a vehicle whereby the intimate interaction is cultivated  while supporting the Burner artist making their own art on site. Ideally, this art will be vital and poignant, illustrating the journey towards what lies beyond the mask with each drum being their personal canvas. Capitalizing on the “immediacy of the interaction” and the “possibility within the moment”, the facilitation team acts as lead, rudder, usher and guide as both move towards their mutual unmasking. How fortunate for our team of carny kinfolk that have the opportunity to take the journey over and over! 

I thereby introduce to you, dear burner, The good Doctor Thelonious D. Rum and his Medicinal Thumpthump Magical Healing Excursion; The 2015 Burningman Sojourn!

guy with drum

(^Kudos if you read all that. We spend a lot of time thinking this stuff up.)

One response to “Welcome

  1. Mary Burback

    So glad ya’ll will be back this year. I made a drum last year and it was the highlight of my burn. Loved, loved Stan.
    See you on the playa.
    Aka. Sweaty Betty


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